Tony Bowler

Blogger, Comedian, Marketing and Media Professional

About Me

About Me

Hey there! I'm Tony Bowler an independent advertising and marketing contractor currently living in Houston, Texas. I started my career in 2009 when I graduated from Texas State University with a degree in Advertising and I'm currently pursuing a second bachelor's degree in Digital Media Innovations.

Whether it be blogging, podcasting, writing, recording music, doing performance art, or just posting pictures on Instagram, I've always been enamored by the directions web media has gone in over the years. I am excited to find more new and different ways for people interact and express themselves online.

I take great pride in my work as a freelance media professional and I enjoy living out my passion for helping entrepreneurs, business owners, and other social media influencers develop and grow their personal and professional brands.

  • Name: Tony Bowler
  • Phone: (713) 502-3091
  • City: Houston, TX
  • Email:
  • Degree:

    BA Advertising - 2009

    BS Digital Media Innovation - Expected 2023

  • Freelance: Available
My Resume

My Resume

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I’ve spent ten-plus years honing my expertise in data analytics and business intelligence, the core of marketing in the digital era. I have a passion for creating innovative solutions to the complex problems faced by today’s business owners. I am excited about developing unique experiences that upset paradigms, engage new markets, and challenge the status quo.


BS - Digital Media Innovation

2022 - Graduating 2023

Texas State University, San Marcos, TX

I am a senior at Texas State currently pursuing a second bachelor's degree within Texas State's new Digital Media Innovation STEM program.

BA - Mass Communications & Advertising

2004 - 2009

Texas State University, San Marcos, TX

I received my first degree studying Advertising with a minor in Business Administration.

Professional Experience

Senior graphic design specialist

2022 - Present

The Duke Inc., Houston, TX

  • Specializing in branding and marketing solutions for small businesses and entrepreneurs.
  • Social Media Marketing management
  • Copywriting and freelance content writing

Research Analyst

2017 - 2022

Crown Castle, Houston, TX

  • Led and implemented process improvement initiatives directed at tracking and following up with sales opportunities.
  • Developed the Carrier Spend Project. An initiative that used financial data to identify areas of customer expansion while providing sales and land acquisition teams new development opportunities.
  • Conducted ad-hoc research and data analytics on wireless network infrastructure, signal propagation potential, land asset value, lease analysis, and database maintenance.

Materials Verification Specialist

2014 - 2016

Kinder Morgan, Houston, TX

  • Researched historical construction materials for interstate natural gas pipe to ensure all materials were logged following PHMSA standards.
  • Managed and updated PODS records databases with all edits from forensic data analysis.

Freelance Content Creator

2013 - 2016

The Duke of Movietown, Houston, TX

  • Content creator for The Duke of Movietown blog and podcast. 200+ original pieces.
  • Event coordinator for Duke of Movietown events such as film screenings, contests, comedy showcase, car shows, and other special live events.
  • Managed social media presence, web design, graphics, and digital marketing.
  • Adept at using audio recording equipment and audio and video editing software.

My Portfolio

My Portfolio

A collection of my professional and personal works

The Duke of Movietown

The Duke of Movietown

The Duke of Movietown is a passion project of mine that incorporates a lot of my favorite things. Movies, podcasts, comedy, and cars! I am proud of everything I was able to accomplish with this project.



A smart man once said to hope for the best, plan for the worst, and have a good attitude when it all goes sideways.

Rackhouse Rebellion

Rackhouse Rebellion

Visit the web page I built for my band Rackhouse Rebellion. Yes, we do rock.


Multimedia Journalism Entry

Here I interview a number of Houstonians who are turning away from the classic 9-5 infavor of pursuing the passions they picked up during the pandemic.

Runs and Drives Blog

Runs and Drives Blog

Runs and Drives is a blog dedicated to the ups and downs of classic muscle car culture.

Runs and Drives Magazine

Runs and Drives Magazine

This was my final project for one of my digital design courses. I developed it as a companion piece to the Runs and Drives blog site.


Advanced Social Media

I got the pleasure of working a social media marketing campaign with the city of San Marcos Downtown doing some analytics of their social media presence.

Little One


I partnered with Dublin artist Ciara Hughes and record producer Hänz Nobe to record Little One during the coronavirus quarantine. I played bass on this track along with guitarist Sansrock and Chris Varvaro handled the mixing and mastering.


Weya App

The Weya App is a new exploration game designed to ignite your sense of adventure and develop an appreciation for history in all over the world.